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  • Leinfelden-Echterdingen / Portland (Oregon), Feb 2, 2023 - Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), a subsidiary of Daimler Truck, revealed the Freightliner SuperTruck II in Las Vegas this week, which uses a variety of technical innovations to demonstrate efficiency potential in freight transportation.
  • Stuttgart/Neu-Ulm, Oct 27, 2021 - The Center of Competence 3D-Printing at Daimler Buses is expanding its portfolio and is now also offering additive manufacturing services to customers of other industries.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 29, 2021 - For the past two years, Daimler Truck and Torc Robotics have intensified their collaboration with their common goal to enable safe deployment of autonomous trucks (SAE Level 4) and shape the future of the trucking and logistics industry at large.
  • Stuttgart / Neu-Ulm, May 12, 2021 - Daimler Buses and its service brand Omniplus have created a mobile printing centre for the decentralised production of 3D printed spare parts in order to be able to provide bus customers with spare parts more quickly.
  • Stuttgart, Germany / Guildford, UK, Dec 10, 2020 - Linde (NYSE: LIN; FWB: LIN) and Daimler Truck AG have signed an agreement to jointly develop the next generation of liquid-hydrogen refueling technology for fuel-cell-powered trucks. With their collaboration, the partners aim to make the refueling process with hydrogen as easy and practical as possible.
  • Stuttgart, Oct 25, 2019 - Daimler Trucks & Buses, one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, pursues a sustainable corporate strategy and aims to offer only new vehicles that are CO2-neutral in driving operation (“tank-to-wheel”) in the triad markets of Europe, Japan and NAFTA by 2039.
  • Augsburg/Varel, Krailling, Apr 30, 2019 - What began as a promising vision in May 2017 has now reached a successful conclusion: the project "NextGenAM" will work on the development of a pilot production line for a next-generation automated "Additive Manufacturing" process for partners Premium AEROTEC, EOS and Daimler.
  • Augsburg/Varel, Krailling, Ulm, Aug 31, 2018 - One year ago, Premium AEROTEC, Daimler, and EOS jointly initiated the NextGenAM project to develop the basis of a future system for series production using 3D printing technologies.