• Stuttgart, Sep 28, 2021 - Be it in terms of design, comfort, technology, safety features, individuality, or economics – the new Mercedes Benz Tourrider represents a milestone moment for motorcoaches in North America. It was specifically tailored for the region with the unique international know-how of Mercedes-Benz – the inventor of the bus.
  • Stuttgart/Wörth am Rhein, Sep 21, 2021 - Today several vehicle innovations were presented to the public by Mercedes-Benz Trucks. In doing so, the focus was especially on the electrification of the product portfolio.
  • Stuttgart/Wörth am Rhein, Sep 21, 2021 - The energy revolution in the road haulage industry is focussing the minds of transport operators more than ever on the question of the best drive technology to serve their needs.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 30, 2021 - On 30 June 2021 Mercedes-Benz Trucks celebrates the world premiere of its battery-electric eActros for heavy-duty distribution haulage. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is heralding a new era with the launch of the first electric series-production truck with a star.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 21, 2021 - Full concentration on buses: services specifically aimed at buses are the recipe for the success of the Omniplus service brand under the roof of Daimler Buses.
  • Stuttgart / Ningde, China, May 20, 2021 - Today, commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck AG and lithium-ion battery manufacturer and developer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) – both global leaders in their fields – announced the intensification of their existing partnership based on their shared vision of CO2-neutral electrified trucking.
  • Hamburg / Stuttgart, Germany, May 20, 2021 - Daimler Truck AG and Shell New Energies NL B.V. (“Shell”) have signed an agreement to jointly drive the adoption of hydrogen-based fuel-cell trucks in Europe. The companies plan to support the decarbonisation of road freight by building-out hydrogen-refuelling infrastructure and placing fuel-cell trucks in customers’ hands.
  • Stuttgart, May 20, 2021 - Today Daimler Truck hosted its inaugural Strategy Day, setting out its ambitions as an independent company and its plans to unlock its full potential, both operationally and financially.
  • Stuttgart, May 20, 2021 - When it comes to making the switch to electromobility, fleet managers are keen to obtain answers not only on which vehicle is right for them but also to a whole host of other questions. For example, on the topic of charging infrastructure.
  • Stuttgart / Gaggenau, Mar 24, 2021 - Since July 2019, the purely battery-electric Mercedes-Benz eActros has proven its worth in extensive field testing at the company Logistik Schmitt. The eActros has travelled a total of around 50,000 kilometres in the Northern Black Forest to date, carrying more than 100,000 load units on around 5,000 trips.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 4, 2021 - Business developments at Daimler Buses in fiscal year 2020 were largely determined by the effects of the pandemic.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 25, 2021 - In the first two quarters of 2020, Daimler Truck AG experienced a significant decrease in important markets which have been additionally harmed by the economic effects of COVID-19.